When was the last time I had my gutters were inspected? Do I need a gutter inspection? These are just some questions that may plague the minds of homeowners. If you have noticed your gutters are leaking or not draining properly then you should start to consider an inspection.

Is There More Than One Type of Inspection?

Yes and no. While you can do an inspection on your own after any severe weather events, or during a routine roof inspection, you should have a professional inspection done once every five years.

Type 1: DIY Homeowner Inspections

An inspection by you, the homeowner can greatly help maintain the gutters. Even without a ladder, certain things can be checked. The big one is making sure there are no separated sections or sections falling off of the home. You can also inspect the downspouts and make sure the outlets are clear of debris.

Type 2: Professional Inspections

An inspection done by a professional allows for someone with the proper knowledge and tools to climb onto the roof and check the entire gutter system: all of the joints, hangers, and downspout connections. These areas and the areas on the home directly around them are the most susceptible to damage and must be repaired as soon as they are noticed. Something as simple as chipped paint or rusty or missing nails can lead to damage to the home, so this is very important.

When Should I Inspect?

There are many different factors that decide how often and how thorough the inspections should be. You should conduct homeowner inspections seasonally or after severe weather events. During the winter months, a quick inspection should be done after a heavy snow or freeze event. During the spring and fall, give the gutters a once over after a heavy rain or thunder storm. This will let you detect any damaged sections and allow for repairs to be scheduled. Throughout the fall, a weekly inspection with a ladder to ensure the gutters are not clogged with leaves and other debris.

Professional inspections, on the other hand, should be scheduled every 5 years with a professional gutter installer and repair person or team. This ensures that your gutters are getting the attention they need, where they need it. It also ensures that your gutters are still doing the trick for keeping your home maintained.

Not a simple answer

As you can see, when and how often to have a gutter inspection is not always a straightforward choice. You have to decide what is best for you and your home when it comes to homeowner inspections. When it comes to professional inspections, the 5 year inspection is a must to ensure the health of the gutter system as well as the home where the gutters are connected.

However often you decide to inspect your gutters on your own or have a professional do it for you, make sure that you always take the proper safety precautions.

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