Seamless Gutters vs. Traditional Gutters: Which One is Better?

Is it time for you to replace your gutters? Perhaps they are overflowing or they are starting to sag or constantly require resealing? When it comes to replacing your gutters, you have a few options. You can either replace your gutters with traditional gutters or you can replace them with seamless gutters. Seamless gutters are low maintenance, custom-made for your home, and look great, making them the best option for your gutter needs.

What are Traditional Gutters?

Traditional gutters are also known as sectional gutters. They are created in short, pre-cut sections that get put together to create one long gutter. The place where the sections come together, or the joints, have to be sealed with roof and gutter sealant in order to prevent leaks or dripping. This sealant lasts anywhere from one to five years. Plus, traditional gutters must be maintained frequently, which includes re-patching, re-sealing, and cleaning blocked or overflowing gutters.

What are Seamless Gutters?

So how are seamless gutters different? Great question!

First of all, seamless gutters are exactly that! They are seamless, or without the joints that traditional gutters have. Seamless gutters are made from one piece of material and are not cut into sections. This means that seamless gutters do not require sealant. This also means that they are longer lasting, more leak resistant, and much lower maintenance than traditional gutters.

Advantages of Seamless Gutters

Low Maintenance

Since seamless gutters do not have any joints, or seams, debris cannot be trapped. This means that seamless gutters are less likely to get clogged and do not need regular cleaning like traditional gutters do. Plus, you can add leaf guards to your gutters to reduce the possibility of getting blockages even more. Thus, you will need less professional maintenance with seamless gutters than with traditional gutters.

Less Likely for Leaks and Damage

The lack of joints in seamless gutters means that you will have fewer leaks. You won’t need to frequently apply sealant to protect your gutters and you will still see fewer leaks than traditional gutters since the only joints are at the downspouts and corners. Furthermore, the joints in traditional gutters are weak and the area where traditional gutters tend to sag. Seamless gutters will rarely sag or pull away from your house if properly maintained. Moreover, seamless gutters are much less likely to cause water damage to your home than traditional gutters.

Longer Lifespan

Seamless gutters can last 20 years or so, even with low maintenance. This differs from traditional gutters which last about 20 years with regular maintenance, but require re-sealing every one to five years.

They’re Prettier

Seamless gutters are very aesthetically pleasing. Seamless gutters are customized for your home, lack the joints and “put together” look of traditional gutters, and don’t sag or overflow.

Seamless Gutter Designs

There are several types of seamless gutters that are available. Some popular options are K-style, half-round gutters, fascia boards, and box gutter systems. At M&M Gutters, we use box gutters.

Box seamless gutters are minimalist and practical. They are highly functional, but still look amazing. They are highly durable and have the capacity to handle heavy rainfall. They have a very contemporary look to them.

Installation and Cost of Seamless Gutters

It is true that seamless gutters are more expensive than traditional gutters, but don’t let that stop you from buying! It is well worth it not to have to maintain your gutters yearly or every few years.

Traditional gutters can be installed by a handyman or someone who has a little knowledge of installation. However, seamless gutters must be installed by a professional as they are much more complicated and require exact measurements for your home. The pieces of the gutters are cut at installation to exactly fit the measurements of your home.

The Obvious Choice

When looking at gutters, we would obviously choose to go with seamless gutters, but you have to make that decision for yourself. Seamless gutters tend to last longer, look better, and require less maintenance than traditional gutters.

If you’re ready to install seamless gutters today, give us a call at 502-503-7204. We are the go-to seamless gutter installation team in Lexington, Kentucky.

Plus, download our guide to gutters to get a better idea of how to maintain your gutters.

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